Birds, Birds, Birds!

An Indoor Birdwatching Field Trip DVD Guide


This DVD is designed to help everyone improve their bird ID skills. It's a great tool for people who are just beginning to learn about birds and a useful reference guide for experienced birdwatchers. None of the birds are identified immediately allowing users to guess just like out in the field.

Uses include: a bird guide for TV's and PC's, a quiz game, entertainment for children or pets (especially cats), or simply as a way to enjoy the sights and sounds of birds at home, with or without narration. 

Profits will go to the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology & the Nature Conservancy.
Retailers: Please contact Common Ground Distributors, Baker & Taylor Entertainment, Goldcrest Distributing 



 - 70 minutes of bird video and photos of birds found in Midwest and Northeast North America

 - 17 quizzes to test your bird ID skills (by habitat, difficulty level or species group)

 - Bird song mnemonics narration in quiz format

 - Bonus natural soundscape track without narration or music only bird songs and pictures!

 - Easy to use alphabetical index for quickly finding a specific species

 - "Sounds like.." classification menu (Melodic, Trills, Buzzy, etc..)

 - Over 600 high-quality photographs of 218 different bird species

 - Total running time: 70 minutes + extra tracks    ISBN 0-9754434-1-0  UPC 643157340492

Also available: Bird Song Ear Training Guide: Who Cooks for Poor Sam Peabody? audio CD $14.95


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