BIRD SONG EAR TRAINING GUIDE: Who Cooks for Poor Sam Peabody?




This Audio CD is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to recognize bird songs. It features the sounds of 189 different bird species found in the Midwest and Northeast States.


Each bird song recording is followed by a short description of the sound along with a common mnemonic used to remember it. Many well-known song mnemonics such as "Who cooks for you?" for the Barred Owl and  "Poor Sam Peabody" for the White-throated Sparrow are included. Following the song and mnemonic, the source of the sound is revealed. By naming the bird at the end of each track, the listener is allowed to wonder and guess at the nature of the sound. Active listening, similar to what one experiences in the field while searching for an unknown bird song, is a key to engaging the memory process.


One way to use this CD is to enable the "Random Play" or "Shuffle" option on a home CD player, portable stereo, or personal computer. Although it may be frustrating at first, repetition of this "quiz" game will quickly improve recognition skills. Gaining familiarity with these songs will greatly increase any bird watcher's enjoyment and awareness of birds in their natural habitat.

Listen to short MP3 samples from the CD:  Sample1   Sample2   Sample3   Sample4   Sample5    Sample6   Sample7 

Note: For each sample, you should hear about 10 seconds of bird song, a 5 second narration and finally 2 seconds of "review" bird song at the end. If you don't, try playing the following samples instead: Sample1   Sample2   Sample3   Sample4   Sample5    Sample6   Sample7 

Retailers: Please contact Common Ground Distributors, Baker & Taylor Books or Goldcrest Distributing.


 - 189 bird species found in the Midwest and  Northeast states

 - Digital bird song recordings made in Wisconsin

 - Brief narration after each song includes descriptive, memorable and often funny mnemonics

 - Can be used as a field guide to learn and identify songs or as a recognition quiz game

 - Easy to use alphabetical track listing of all birds and their mnemonics

 - It is a great gift for any birdwatcher, beginner or advanced.

 - Total running time: 60 minutes    ISBN 0-9754434-0-2  UPC 643157144229


The CD is also available at many Wild Birds Unlimited stores, nature shops and bookstores. 

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(previously ISBN 1-932133-09-7, ISBN 1932133097)